The Aquarian 250L all-in-one heat pump water heater provides outstanding value for medium to high hot water users (generally 4 to 8 persons).
Priced affordably and operating at about a third the cost of conventional water heating systems the Aquarian 250L is also capable of quick recovery for periods of high water use.

Custom designed durability and manufactured under strict quality control supervision, the AQ250L is priced to provide an affordable water heating solution for retrofitting  and new homes across New Zealand.
Durable stainless steel construction & quality installation is backed by Energy Alternatives’ 10 year tank and 6 year heat pump warrantee.

Put simply, the Aquarian is the financial game changer for NZ water heating.


Cut the cost of your hot water and enjoy lower power bills! Call now for a free consultation and quote.


Combining high efficiency and durability. Aquarian all-in-one heat pump water heater - ideal for new builds and  retrofit to existing homes.


Standard Tested to EN16147 HP

input power range 0.6-1.4 kW

Capacity 250L

Power supply 220V/50Hz

Refrigerant R134a

Output power 3 kW at 20° Output water temperature 55 –60°C

Compressor COP 2.86

Electric heater current 8.3 Amps

Material of exterior/tank Stainless steel (sus304)

Dimensions height 1780mm Dimensions width 650mm

Maximum input power 3.2 kW

Net weight 110kg

Noise level 48dB

AQ250L Aquarian all in one heat pump water heater

$4,800.00 Regular Price
$4,049.00Sale Price

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