Rinnai Mains Pressure Hot Water Cylinders, Auckland & NZ Wide

We provide Rinnai hot water cylinder repair and installation throughout Auckland and NZ wide, plus all the spare parts and accessories you need to keep your cylinder humming for the long term.

Rinnai enamel mains pressure indoor hot water cylinders offer exceptional performance and reliability under a wide variety of water conditions. With a range of slim diameters, they are an easy replacement option for your old electric hot water cylinder

Peace of mind
NZ designed and engineered and backed by Rinnai after sales support and a 7 year warranty*

Energy efficient
- Curved element design ensures 98% of water is heated
- No cylinder wrap required, all Rinnai cylinders meet the NZ Minimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPS)
- Smart Cylinder option also available

- Large range of sizes (30-300 L), there's an electric hot water cylinder to suit every need
- Easy replacement, 488 mm and 590 mm diameter, matches traditional NZ cylinder sizes
- Auto reset thermostat option available for solar and hot water heat pump applications

Future proof your home
Eco inlet connection allows connection to an open loops hot water heat pump now or in the future.

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