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Rheem NZ - Rheem Gas Hot Water Heaters, Auckland & NZ Wide

Rheem Continuous Flow - Gas Hot Water Heaters


Working differently from traditional storage water heaters, gas continuous flow water heaters only heat water on demand rather than heating and storing water until needed. Rheem gas califont in NZ are compact and an excellent choice where space is at a premium. They are ideal for homes with high peak loads or when hot water is required occasionally such as at a holiday home. Available in either ULPG (bottled) or Natural Gas, Rheem gas continuous flow models have the option of remote temperature controllers.

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Mains Pressure Storage


Rheem gas Mains Pressure hot water systems deliver full flow and allow for a wider range of modern fittings. Tank or bore water can also be pumped to mains pressure. If you are living in a residential area you will almost certainly have mains pressure available at your gate

Low Pressure Storage

​Rheem Low Pressure water heaters are a common sight in older homes and while they are typically electric, some gas systems do exist. Rheem has a large range of low pressure copper and vitreous enamel (VE) lined cylinders. The VE cylinders can provide more pressure and copes better with a wider range of problematic water types such as high chlorination.

Heat Pump


Heat pumps are the most advanced and efficient water heating option currently available. Heat is extracted from the surrounding air and converted into energy which is then used to heat the stored water.




Solar captures free energy from the sun using roof-mounted panels (collectors), this energy is then transferred to a storage cylinder. This can be paired with electric, gas storage or gas continuous flow for a reliable and energy efficient hot water system

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