Colour: White

Efficiency: 80%

Factory preset temp: 55 °C

Energy Star Rating: 6 Stars

Model code and REU numbers:

  • A16: INFA16N/L - REU-A1620WG-ZK
  • A20: INFA20N/L - REU-A2024WG-ZK
  • A24: INFA24N/L - REU-A2426WG-ZK
  • A26: INFA26N/L - REU-A2626WG-ZK

Hot water capacity

  • A16: 2.1-16 L/min
  • A20: 2.5-20 L/min
  • A24: 2.1-24 L/min
  • A26: 2.1-26 L/min

Input and output:

  • A16: Input: 16.3-124 MJ/h, output 27.4 kW
  • A20: Input: 19.9-156 MJ/h, output 33.9 kW
  • A24: Input: 16.3-184 MJ/h, output 41.4 kW
  • A26: Input: 16.3-199 MJ/h, output 44.2 kW

Exhaust system:

Forced flue
Frost protection:

Fitted as standard. Frost protection operates automatically, as long as the appliance is connected to the electrical power supply, by activating when the temperature inside the unit drops below 3.5 °C, and turns off once the temperature inside the unit reaches 7 °C.

Ignition system:

Direct electronic ignition

Injector sizes:

A16: NG: 0.9, 1.50, LPG: 0.71, 1.09

A20-A26: NG: 1.08, 1.80, LPG: 0.73, 1.12

Line pressure (min.):

NG: 1.13 kPa, LPG 2.75 kPa

Line pressure (max.):

3.5 kPa (maximum standing pressure under abnormal intermittent conditions is 5.0 kPa). **In the case of commercial metering, (i.e. 35-37 kPa coming in), there may be a requirement to regulate the incoming pressure down).

Power consumption:

Normal: 47 W (A16), 58 W (A20), 56 W (A24), 66 W (A26)

Standby: 2 W

Automatic Frost Protection: 68 W

Pressure relief:

Valve opens at 2060 kPa

Valve closes at 1479 kPa

Noise level:

50 dB(A)

NOx af:

35 ppm

Safety devices:

Flame failure, boil-dry protection, overheat protection, fusible link, pressure relief valve and combustion fan rpm check

Water supply:

Nominal operating pressure 

- 120-1000 kPa (A16)
- 160-1000 kPa (A20)
- 200-1000 kPa (A24 & A26)

Activation flow rate: 1.5 litres per minute

Weights: A16 = 13 kg, A20 = 14 kg, A24 and A26 = 15 kg


ES: Supplier Declaration of Compliance

Declaration numbers:

• A16 - 1825920179

• A20 - 1825820179
• A24 - 1825720179

• A26 - 1825620179

Market release: 2018

RINNAI INFINITY VT24 - Replaced by Rinnai A24

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$1,199.00Sale Price
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  • Rinnai A Series Product Technical Statement

    Product description

    Designed and made in Japan, the Rinnai INFINITY A-series are continuous flow gas hot water heaters with inbuilt frost protection. They have electronic ignition and require electricity to operate. The temperature dip switch setting is factory preset at 55 °C. The INFINITY A-series comes in a range of sizes, model selection is dependent on the number of outlets in the house. Click on any of the thumbnail images to view the product information.

    Scope of use:

    Suitable for mains and medium pressure residential applications. They are designed to be externally mounted on an outside wall and located as close as practicable to the most frequently used hot water outlet(s), to reduce the delay for hot water delivery. They are not suitable as a spa or swimming pool heater. They are also not suitable for commercial installations. Hard or acidic water will need to be treated to use this product. Available for connection to natural gas or LPG, this must be specified at the time of purchase. Flue terminations must comply with the flue terminal locations shown in AS/NZS 5601.1.

    Design guidelines:

    Specification and installation must be in accordance with Rinnai installation requirements and with the Building Code. Rinnai specify that installation must be in compliance with AS/NZS 5601.1:2013, AS/NZS 3000:2007, and AS/NZS 3500.



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