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Designed and made in New Zealand

Made right here in New Zealand, with a modern look, the Boil & Brew range is available in 5, 10, 15, and 25 L. With a delivery from 35-200 cups an hour, they are ideal for any space that necessitates an endless supply of boiling water such as commercial kitchens, staff rooms and hospitals.

The Rinnai Boil & Brew units are completely automatic, refilling and heating as water is draw off.

Attractive white powder coat case allows for easy cleaning of the unit.



Product Details

Suitable as a hot water dispenser for commercial applications such as; cafes, canteens, retirement homes, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools, sports complexes, factories, fast food outlets, shops, and offices.

Locate the unit above a sink draining board, close to a cold water supply and a power outlet. For the 5 L, 10 L, and 15 L models, the location of the socket outlet/plug should be as such to give the user safe access for turning the unit on and off. The site should be dry and weatherproof, and in a position that meets the clearances shown in the owner and installer guide.

5L Rinnai Boil & Brew 35cups 2kw

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