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Rheem low pressure water heaters (hot water cylinders) are pre-wired to meet New Zealand standards and building code requirements. With all popular-sized models, Rheem offers three inlets from which to choose from - bottom, left hand or right hand sides. Simply connect existing or new plumbing to the appropriate inlet. Plugs to seal off the unused inlets are supplied with the water heater (hot water cylinder). These water heaters are typically rated for a maximum of 76kPa water pressure. Some "Heavy head" (120kPa) models are also available.

  • Choice of 3 inlets - triple inlet connection
  • Single Element
  • 2kW
  • Surpasses MEPS energy performance standards
  • Tall, medium, short size options - 5 options (see under specifications)
  • Model Numbers :
    • 12T13513  
    • 14T13513  
    • 16T13513  
    • 18T13513
    • 54T13513 - Mainlander 
  • Custom built options
  • 5 year warranty on cylinder
  • 12 month warranty on labour and parts
  • A user adjustable thermostat puts you in control of your hot water cylinder


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